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Does Matthew 28:19 Really Say “The Father, Son and Holy Spirit”?

Does Matthew 28:19 Really Say“The Father, Son and Holy Spirit”?ByJames Scott Trimm I was recently asked about the Shem Tob Text of Hebrew Matthew 28:19-20 which reads: “Go and guard them to uphold all the words which I have commanded you forever.”(Matthew 28:19-20 Shem Tob) This differs from the DuTillet/Munster version of Hebrew Matthew which […]

Restoring Matthew 5:25 – Scripture Restoration Update!

Shalom Chaverim, Today I want to share with you another example of how the original Hebrew text is being restored to us thru careful comparison of various sources. When I began work on Matthew 5:25, I immediately noticed a difficulty with the opening of this verse. Both the DuTillet and Munster texts of Hebrew Matthew […]

Vatican Library Hid Original Hebrew Gospel Manuscripts for Centuries

The Vatican Library Hid Original Hebrew Gospel Manuscripts for CenturiesByJames Scott Trimm The Vatican Library is a treasure trove of ancient documents and artifacts.  While the public Vatican library was officially created in 1475, the library itself actually dates back to the origins of the Roman Catholic Church.  The library contains over 75,000 codices and […]

The Western Text as a Clue

Shalom Chaverim, First of all I want to apologize for my absence during much of October. During October, my wife was hospitalized for 14 days, had two surgeries, and has come home under home health care, receiving iv antibiotics at home for an antibiotic resistant infection. (Check out her GoFundMe Page here But now […]